Twin Mesh Fencing

Twin Mesh is a Strong Double Wire Rigid Mesh System that comes with either clip fixings or full length clamp bars. It is available in 656or 868 wire diameters.

Twin Mesh is an effective security system for either small or large fencing projects where higher levels of security are required.

1.2m high From £20.35 plus vat per meter
1.8m high From £24.10 plus vat per meter
2.0m high From £26.70 plus vat per meter
2.4m high From £29.85 plus vat per meter

Competitive discounts available on volume purchases

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Greater Security

More secure than V Mesh

If you wish to secure a high risk area then Twin Mesh fencing provides greater security compared to most other types of fencing.

Bespoke Options

Customizable to your security requirements

Twin Mesh fencing is suitable for a wide range of commercial security fence setting, most commonly seen in schools and playgrounds.